What To Expect Your

First CLass

Starting martial arts can be an intimidating experience, but we strive to make you comfortable

as soon as you walk in the front door.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are operating with different procedures to keep our students and instructors safe. Check see our COVID-19 Safety for more information.

Arriving At The School
Welcome to Kushindokai!

When coming for your first class make sure you arrive

at the school with plenty of time to spare before your

scheduled class time (punctuality is important when

training in the martial arts). This will give you plenty

of time to get familiar with the school and to meet

Sensei Michael.

Waiting for Your Class

After you remove your shoes you can head down the hall to the dojo. If there is a class in progress when you arrive, please have a seat in the viewing area and wait quietly for your class to begin (we show respect to students training by not disrupting their time on the floor). Before stepping on the dojo stop and perform a bow to show respect to the training area and everyone who trains there.

Participating in Class
Beginning Class

When your class is called to line up, students line up at the back of the dojo from highest rank to lowest rank, and instructors line up at the front. As a new student, you will be at the end of the line. Once you find your place you should wait patiently in ready position.


Once the head instructor calls attention the entire class will knell in formal kneeling position and you will be instructed to close your eyes and meditate for a short amount of time. At the command of the head instructor the entire class will then bow to the front of the dojo. Both instructors and students come up from their bow from highest rank to lowest rank, in a wave.

The instructors will then turn and face the students and the command will be given to bow to each other. Again, both instructors and students come up from their bow from highest rank to lowest rank, in a wave.

During Class

Once class begins your job as a new student is to

find a spot where you can easily see the instructor

leading the class and follow along to the best of your

abilities. We begin with a general segment of dynamic

movement exercises to loosen up, followed by a

workout and some training in basic technique. After

the stretch the a short break for a drink the serious

instruction segment of the class will begin.

As a new student in your first class you will spend the second part of the class with Sensei Michael for a one-on-one introductory session. All we expect during your first class is that you listen and follow instructions, try your best, and make sure you have fun!

Ending Class

At the end of class students will be called to line up and repeat the same bowing formalities as the beginning of class.


Once you are excused from class please leave the dojo, remembering to bow, and respect the next class by not disturbing them with excess noise.

Terminology You Will Hear

While training at Kushindokai you will hear some instructions given in Japanese. Here are some of the common words you should know:

Yoi (yoy)

Ready position

Kiotsuke (kee-oht-skay)

Come to attention. Feet together, hands at sides.

Seiza (say-zah)

Formal kneeling position. Hands on thighs, shoulders relaxed.

Mokuso (moh-koo-so)

Meditate. Eyes, closed, empty mind, focus on breathing.

Yame (yah-may)

Stop. Open eyes, re-focus.

Shomen ni rei (shoh-men-ni-ray)

Bow to the front, showing respect to Sensei Funakoshi. Hands in triangle on floor, bend at waist, head down.

Otagai ni rei (ohh-tah-guy-nee-ray)

Bow to each other, showing respect to fellow classmates and instructors. Hands in triangle on floor, bend at waist, head down.

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