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Sparring - Kumite

At Kushindokai we offer sparring classes for both kids and adults .

We focus on developing highly skilled martial artists with speed, timing, technique, and control.

Youth Sparring

We offer youth sparring classes for yellow belts and higher. Each class our young students learn and practice various skills, techniques, and strategies. Each class consists of drills and exercises to help them improve their speed, timing, technique and overall confidence. We also include free sparring time and ring sparring practice during our classes.

Adult Sparring

For our older students (14 years and up) we offer sparring classes that incorporate workouts focusing on speed and agility, drills and exercises to improve speed, timing and technique, as well as free sparring time and point sparring practice in the ring.

More About Sparring

The Japanese term for sparring is kumite, which literally translates to "grappling hands" and is the discipline of karate in which you train against an opponent using the techniques learned from basics and kata.

The invention of jiyu kumite or "free sparring" is a relatively new addition to karate ("step sparring" is the original, traditional method used to practice techniques with a partner). Developed in the 1930s in Japan, it is mainly used as a sporting element of the art. There are many types of sparring, including variations of non-contact, semi-contact, and full-contact. At our school the regular sparring classes are non-contact oriented.



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