Goju-ryu Seminars with Renshi Dave Hoover

On Saturday, March 4th, local dojo Kushindokai Karate and Fitness hosted a pair of seminars for its students with Renshi Dave Hoover, 5th Dan black belt in Goju-ryu Karate.

The seminars focused on an introduction to the Goju-ryu style of karate, which Renshi Hoover teaches out of the Elmira and St. Jacobs area with White Heron Martial Arts. Both novice and advanced level belts were introduced to some basic concepts of the style, which is one of the main traditional Okinawan styles of karate. It features a combination of both hard techniques and soft techniques for deflections, locks, and takedowns.

“It was a lot of fun, they have a great club,” says Renshi Hoover. “There are more similarities than differences between our styles; I just emphasized what I see different.”

“It was an honour to host Renshi Hoover at our dojo. All of our students that participated had a great time,” says Michael Fisher, owner of Kushindokai. “While there are some similarities with our hard, powerful Shotokan Karate style, the grappling and soft techniques were great to learn. It was a nice complement to our usual training. We try to introduce our students to other martial arts and styles of karate because there is so much to learn out there, and karate should be a life-long learning process. It’s a real added bonus for our students to get this extra experience.”

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