News and Events

Throughout the year we hold special events that benefit the students and the community.

From special seminars and tournaments to our annual Christmas Demo and charity fundraiser Kick-a-Thon, there is always something fun happening at Kushindokai!

Special Events
Kick-a-Thon Fundraiser for DCAFS

Our annual Kick-a-Thon charity fundraiser raises money for Dufferin Child and Family Services (DCAFS). Our students go all out collecting pledges and then performing as many kicks as they can. With drinks and snacks, music and prizes, it's a super fun event that lets us put or karate skills to use helping our local community. Over the 5 years of this event we have raised over $33,000 for DCAFS and the Dufferin Children's Fund!

Christmas Demo and Dance

Every year is capped off with our big Christmas Demo event. After practicing for weeks and weeks our students put on a fantastic show for family and friends. We perform kata, demonstrate sparring and technique, break boards, perform skits and just have a blast! Once the show is over we have dinner and then dance the night away. Everyone looks forward to this fun social evening outside of the dojo!

Special Seminars

Each year our Winter Seminar Series brings in special instructors to give our students the opportunity to experience other martial arts and fighting styles. From wrestling to tai chi, from taekwondo to sword and jujutsu, as well as other styles of karate, we try to expose our students to the world of martial arts and encourage continuous learning.


While we don't focus on tournaments and competition, we encourage all our students to attend as least one tournament during their training, as a valuable learning experience. We emphasize the process of preparing and competing, making sure that the focus is on the effort not the results. As a school, we attend 4 small shiai (tournaments) each year, although the students that really enjoy competing are encouraged to try some of the bigger tournaments and have had a great time!

Outdoor Classes

Every summer we hold weekly classes outdoors at a local park. We have a great time practicing our skills on the grass and up and down the hills. It's fun way to get outside and enjoy the summer months, and there are always Freezies for after class!

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