Little Dragons


The Kushindokai "Little Dragons" program is specifically designed for children ages 4 and 5 to teach basic karate skills and help develop physical, cognitive, and social abilities in a fun, activity-based environment. Our program will help your child gain confidence and learn the value of respect, focus, discipline, and good manners!

Motivation and Success

With regular tests to earn stripes and new belts, along with graduation ceremonies, your child will be constantly challenged and motivated to improve all of their skills. Our goal is to make their first experience with karate fun and successful so they can learn how to work hard and practice to achieve their goals.

Little Dragons Skills

Basic Karate Skills: blocks - kicks - punches - stances - self-defense skills

​Social Skills: sharing - sense of independence - respect - self-esteem - self-control

​Cognitive Skills: focus - memory - vocal development - listening and following directions

​Physical Skills: balance - coordination - physical strength - flexibility

Thursdays @ 5:30-6:00pm

Fall Session:
Sep 12 - Dec 5 (12 weeks - No Class Oct. 31st)

Winter Session:
Jan 9 - Mar 26 (12 weeks)

Spring Session:
Apr 9 - Jun 25 (12 weeks)

Fees   All prices include HST
  • Session 12 Weeks - $165
  • Uniform - $35
  • All stripes and belts are free!

7-76 Centennial Road, Orangeville, ON L9W 1P9 | | 519-942-8812

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