Evaluation and Grading

The last Wednesday of each month is reserved for Grading. This is an exciting night for each student where the moment of truth has arrived. All our students are encouraged to bring family and friends

to see them achieve their next rank and be rewarded for all their hard work.

How do you Progress?

The amount of time between ranks will vary from student to student. Progression through the ranks is determined by a number of factors including attendance, work ethic, and general attitude while training. Students should remember they are being evaluated every time they step in the dojo. Students who attend class on a regular basis, work hard, and take training seriously will get the most benefit out of their time in the dojo.

Stripe Evaluations

Worn on the belt, stripes are awarded once an acceptable level of proficiency has been reached for a kata. The steps needed to progress through each kata are as follows:

  1. Learn the kata and memorize all movements. Should be able to perform kata without hesitation or forgetting movements.

  2. Practice, practice, practice. Perform kata focusing on each stance and technique. Work on mastering each movement.

  3. Practice kata with power, intensity, and spirit.


Once students have gone through this process they sign up for a Stripe Test to present the kata to Sensei for evaluation. If the kata is performed at an acceptable level a stripe will be awarded to indicate proficiency with the kata.


When a student has reached an acceptable level of proficiency at their current level they will be invited to grade. This invitation will include a discussion with Sensei to plan a path to prepare for the grading. This plan might entail anywhere from a week or two up to a month of preparation on the student’s part to ensure they are prepared for the test.


Family and friends are invited to attend and watch. Grading night is both a final evaluation of the skills learned at the current belt level and a chance for the student to display what they have learned in their training.

Students grading to a novice or intermediate level rank (white to red) need only attend the Wednesday night grading to test for their next rank.




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