About Kushindokai

News and Events

Throughout the year we hold special events.

From special seminars and tournaments to our annual Christmas Demo and charity fundraiser Kick-a-Thon, there is always something fun happening at Kushindokai!

What You Will Learn


From confidence and self-discipline to

strength and flexibility, karate offers

many benefits that can help you and

your family be your best both in and

out of the dojo.

About The School

Read about the history and philosophy of Kushindokai, the longest-running martial arts school in Orangeville, and check out some photos to see what our school looks like before your first visit.

and Grading

Grading is an exciting time for students, where the moment of truth has arrived. All our students are encouraged to bring family and friends

to see them achieve their next rank and be rewarded for all their hard work.

Our Instructors

Whether for health, meditation, or martial art...Tai Chi is beneficial for all ages. Through our friends at Headwaters School of Tai Chi

you can participate in classes at the dojo

and other locations.

Your First Class

Starting martial arts can be an intimidating experience, but we strive to make you comfortable as soon as you walk in the front door. Read our guide about attending

your first class.


Offered as a part of our regular Karate

program, we run monthly reality-based self-defense classes for both children

and adults to learn how to stay safe

in all situations.




7-76 Centennial Road, Orangeville, ON L9W 1P9 | info@kushindokai.ca

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